Subscription to Asiana Club and Card Issuance

There is no age limit for Asiana Club Members. Children under the age of 12 are classified as Magic Miles members.
Asiana Club has no registration fee or annual membership fee.

If you subscribe as an online member at the Asiana Airlines website, you automatically join Asiana Club as a Silver Member. You can also join the Asiana Club by filling in the membership subscription form found at branches of Asiana Airlines, airport branches and flights.

Online Subscription

Membership Card Issuance
Membership Card
  • New Issuance

    If you subscribe at the Asiana Airlines website, you automatically become a Silver Member. When your subscription is complete, you can find your digital membership card at the mobile website ( or on the Asiana application using a smartphone. You can accumulate and use your miles and enjoy the benefits of partners by printing the image of the digital membership card or using the mobile membership card. In addition, barcode sticker cards are issued at domestic airports (Incheon and Gimpo) for maximum portability.

  • Promotion to Elite Membership

    When entering Star Alliance lounges or receiving other benefits of Star Alliance elite members, please present your digital membership card bearing the Star Alliance logo to receive benefits that match your membership status.

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