Partners' Flight Awards

Notes for Reservations and Ticket Issuance

Asiana Club Members may use flight awards to enjoy flights on Asiana Airlines partners.
Ticket issuance for flight awards connected to flights of Asiana Airlines and its partners is allowed.
After the issuance of the flight awards, reissuance for flights of other airlines is not allowed.

※ Partners : Ethihad Airways

    • Place of Reservation and Ticket Issuance
      • Reservations are available at the reservation center and local branches, and ticket issuance is available at local branches.
    • Itinerary
      • Both round-trips and one-way trips are possible.
      • The maximum possible trips you can use on a Flight Award is 8 routes.
      • For Open Jaw (non-flight routes), non-flight routes should be shorter than the previous route. In case non-flight routes are longer than the previous route, a separate ticket issuance is required.
      • Reservation is only possible if there is enough remaining mileage at the time of reservation.
    • Stopover
      • Up to 7 stopovers longer than 24 hours can be used if you are using 8 sections in total without OPEN JAW.
    • Transit
      • 2 transits in total are allowed between the departure city and the destination. However, this is only allowed if the distance between the departure city and the destination is within the maximum distance set by IATA and only when a fare, the basic unit of the ticket, exists.
        (Transit is available only on routes for which MPM is specified by IATA and that is between the departure city and destination. If the transit is between the departure city and destination, and the distance between the departure city and the destination exceeds the maximum distance set by IATA, miles shall be redeemed per route.)
        ※ What is M.P.M.? M.P.M. is the longest distance allowed between the place of departure and the destination defined by IATA.
    • Other Regulations
      • Sections operated by other partners cannot be connected to flights operated by Star Alliance partners. Miles shall also be redeemed separately.
      • The policy on the use of flight awards of Star Alliance is applied to other affairs.
      • Tickets issued by the partners shall not be re-issued as one of Asiana Airlines or Star Alliance tickets.
      • Lost flight awards are not re-issued or returned as miles.
      • The same miles as are redeemed for adults will be redeemed for an infant (under age 2) or a child. An infant not occupying a seat may travel with an infant ticket which is 10% of the regular fare for an adult.
      • When an infact ticket is issued from other airliners, the fare may be different according to the fare policy of the airline concerned.
      • The Blackout Period is applied in accordance with the policy of each partner, and the policy including the above may change.
      • The schedule of partners may change or be cancelled without prior notice. Please contact the Asiana Airlines Reservation Center or the airline concerned in advance of boarding.
    • Expiration date and mileage redemption regulations
      • The Award Ticket expires within one year from the initial date of issuance, and cannot be extended.
      • For different classes of boarding, mileage shall be redeemed based on the related class standards. (However, if there are different transfer route classes the highest class shall be used as standard)
      • A Flight Award cannot be transferred to someone else.
      • Making changes to the issued Flight Award is allowed before boarding. An itinerary change after boarding of the first itinerary is allowed at least three days before the date of departure of the section if there are no changes in the mileage redemption, and the date of boarding, the airline, the class and the section shall be the same.
        Miles for the unused section can be returned.
        If the ticket has been used in the order, the refund of the unused section is allowed. If the itinerary consisting of flights of Asiana Airlines is used only and the unused section is returned, miles can be recalculated and additionally redeemed in accordance with Asiana Airlines’ ticket issuance policy.
      • The following regulations will be applied when requesting refunds on unused Partner Airlines Flight Award tickets:
        • - Refund penalty for tickets issued within one year: 3,000 miles or USD30.00 per passenger, per ticket.
        • - Refund penalty for tickets over one year: 10,000 miles or USD100.00 per passenger, per ticket.

See Old Information on Amendments to Star Alliance / Partner Policy

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