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The seat of the ticket purchased may be upgraded to a higher class seat. Award upgrade options include redeem of miles, paying the fare difference with the higher seat.

How to Make a Seat Upgrade Using Miles

Your seat will be upgraded to a higher class seat redeeming your Asiana Club miles. Seats may only be upgraded by one class in this manner. In the following cases, an award upgrade to a higher class seat is not allowed:

Routes Not Applicable
Tickets with 50% or Higher Discount Marked in the Fare Basis Field
Special Discount Tickets for which Award Upgrade is Not Allowed
Award Tickets
Free Tickets or IT fare Tickets
Group Fare Tickets (G Class)
Purchased flight tickets issued by Star Alliance members or airlines other than Asiana Airlines (Fare Classes U, Q, K, S, V, L, W, T and G)
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How to upgrade seats by paying the price difference with the higher seat

You may upgrade your award by calculating the difference between the fare of the seat class marked on the ticket and the fare of the higher seat class, except on tickets for which no change is allowed.

Inquiries about Seat UpgradeFARE Desk: 82-2-2669-4100 (ARS Code: 2)
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